Making recurring sales using only your cell phone is possible YES!

Hello how are you? My name is Marcos Santos, I'm Brazilian, I've been working with Digital Marketing for 3 years and I am willing to help you work over the internet.

What does my mentoring contain?

1- Choosing the best product

2- Strategies for selling on Instagram

3- Strategies for Selling on YouTube

4- How to talk to the Customer

Who is my mentorship aimed at?

1- Why are you starting now in Digital Marketing

2- For those who didn't get results

3- For those who are lost and don't know where to start

Common questions

How will I have access to this mentoring after making the payment?

After payment is confirmed, within 24 hrs we will contact you via email or telephone number, so that the mentoring can start.

Where will this mentoring take place?

For the best benefit, mentoring will take place through Whatsapp where strategies will be taught and where the client will be monitored by the mentor.

How long does this mentoring last?

The time will depend on each person's progress. After being taught everything that this mentoring promises, the mentor will be available to answer questions, provide support and monitor your progress.

How much does your mentoring cost?

Mentoring costs $100

How many days of warranty does the mentoring have?

60 Days

Where will this product be delivered? On Whatsapp

Disclaimer: By acquiring this mentoring, you declare to be aware that the results obtained depend solely on you, your previous experience, skill, dedication and the way you understand and apply the strategies that will be taught. In this way, neither Digistore24 nor the creator of this content make any promises or guarantees of Results